How to "calm ya farm" and protect your energy and stay positive.

Try these 3 ways to lift your vibe and energy, stay calm, and step mindset up a level or two, for feeling amazing.

1. Get more Vitamin D (sunshine), use nature and movement, to give you some space, get out of your head, to create peace from all the noise, detox and reduce social media and news. Just staying present in the moment helps, dogs do it best. Use gratefullness too.

2. Check in on your thoughts, are you buying into others fears and anxiety, or even your own. Are you allowing your emotions to rule the world. Are those negative thoughts helping you, can you swap them for positive ones. This will drain you energy for sure.

3. Get your rest, good sleep and rest will lower the stress hormones, boost immunity and help with your coping skills, don't worry yourself sick.

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Better everything, health, energy and mindset, no going back to feeling crap.


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