Low confidence issue's is not just about weight, all size and shape women can feel this way.

Are you a lady lacking in self- confidence? It's not all about weight either, that’s just a symptom of a bigger underlying issue. Here’s 5 home truths on struggling with low confidence for women. There are levels of how it sucks.

But this happens to all of us, right?. Depending on our experiences and beliefs, perceptions and acceptance of our self. Of course we tell ourself lies, of course we are good enough, we need to stop believing all our thoughts or worse still others. And at 52. I still struggle with it, it’s a growth thing, it just gets different. There's a saying, “your either growing or your dying” . I can tell you sometimes, it can feel like both at the same time. There’s been many times and even now, where I was plagued by low self confidence and comparisonitis, not feeling good enough, a fake, hiding the real stuff.

Here's my experiences of how low self-confidence it looks and feel (it may be similar for you too) 1. Comparing ourselves to those around, everyone else, who seems to be having way more fun, doing cool things, looking way more glamorous and happy than you 2. And then next level struggle - being a mum, (you practically get a different body) not feel attractive, not feel sexy and feeling crap about yourself. everyone’s struggle is real nothing to do with size. And it’s not just women putting on weight, although effects energy and health, I know lots of smaller ladies, unwell, fatigued, anxious and feeling stuck. For me. I did not nurture myself, nor get sleep, totally burned out, did not eat properly and weight went down to 43 kg after 1st child, not a good look, very bony and extreme fatigue, emotional roller coaster, stressed out. Never want to do that ride again. 3. And then there’s no mojo, no energy, no libido, totally exhausted, couldn’t find my groove. And men do not get it, it just adds to the low confidence. 4. And then if your lucky to stay at home with the kids for next 6-7 plus years. That’s a real hit to our confidence, being out of the workforce, for most reducing financial independence and just feeling lack of connection and structure, uninspired. 5. Until you go back to work or take a leap of faith to use your talents and strengths putting them to use in starting a business. You don’t know what you don’t know. Action brings confidence, it challenges your confidence in a good way. So yeah, that's my version. Its so easy to loose our self, feel like your not good enough, not leading yourself, just hiding yourself away avoiding what counts. Because our self-confidence is a big deal; Confidence in our body, comfortable in our own skin? Confidence to wear what you like? Confidence with our sexiness? Confidence in your ability? Confidence in your work? Confidence in yourself, trusting that you’ve got this So how do we get it back, grow it, find our mojo and lift up where we rightfully belong? We make mindset shifts about our body, weight, beliefs. We make ourself a priority, accept our needs, value our connections, our time, our dreams, wants and follow through with focus, like your worth it. Thrive transformation is all that and more, setting tasks and actions in place to build you up, reprogram your thoughts about food, body, love your body, wear what you want, be how you want, healthy and vibrant. So if you’ve been struggling for a long time not knowing how to change this around, jump on a private health breakthrough call to start instant tweaks, find out how my thrive coaching 6 weeks package fully gets you vibrant, supports you for up levelling in health, mindset, selfcare so you can feel freakin awesome about you, your body, confident in what you can do and “sexy” just for you. Book a call

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