Why B.S diet thinking does not fix weight issues, it makes them worse

Warning - *RANT" post about total B.S diet thinking, that will totally change your life, if your sick of head f**k over weight or diets.

Repeat after me - Diets are just made up by someone selling a diet or product.

I talk with lots of women that are still trying to make dieting work, still trying to manage weight, Still blaming themselves as to why they aren't motivated, must have no will power, think they are "lazy" that's why tit hasn't worked.

I see how B.S diet thinking, strict rules, old beliefs from 30+ years of dieting, still confusing and ruling their health.

Diet's don't fix the real issue, weight is just a symptom, an outcome of bigger issues.

Promise - the only the way it will work, is if you get good vibes, grows your self worth and self-confidence to do better for you.

The diet culture is toxic for women, its disfunctional, a red flag. It's why women struggle for years with the weight, why they think it's the answer to get happy. Here's the change.

*Until you unlearn what's engrained since we were a teen, since we watched our mothers dieting, struggling with self-worth, unhappy with their weight., doing weight watchers

* Until you drop the idea, that you will only get a result for health or weight if you do it this exact way. Or it won't work - and when it does work we are happy, will be good enough again.

* Until you stop thinking that going without, eating less, judging and restricting is the RIGHT way to lose weight, it's good for us, and you will be rewarded accordingly.

* Until you learn to listen to your dreams, wants, needs and instincts. To eat for the energy we feel, the enjoyment and love of foods because they taste great, because we are nurturing our brain, body and health

* Until we ditch the idea that we are good or bad, or food is good or bad.

* Until you accept there could be more to this and changing your thinking is all you need to do.

Start - eating for hunger and stopping when full, eating from love not fear of what might happen.

Stop - viewing food as a treat, forbidden, special, not allowed, restrictred, giving this food a meaning and power !!!!

Reprogram - Food is just food, we make it mean something about the food, about us. Then we load B.S on top of that, so it has us so confused, feeling bad wondering why it doesn't work, why we can't stick to it, why we don't have will power, see how how we make it and how bad it feels.

Listen - to our body, who'm knew what to do with the food all along, new how to burn fat from the get go, we just added too much it didn't need.

If your over this silly game we learnt, it's time to ditch all of that, rebel against not feeling good enough, learn how to eat fresh, simple for the sake of energy and feeling good. No other reason.

Book a call health strategy call to unlearn what is not working.

Fnd out how VIP 1:1 coaching and support, can really nail all this crap and reprogram your thoughts about you, about food creating a new way to treat your body for results you want, not about wieghtloss, it's about you and not making weightloss a thing for you.

Cant wait to chat, simplifying and solving for stopping this thinking is my dream and my jam for women.

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