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Making meals has to be delicious, nutritious and easy. 

Delicious recipes for eating better and making healthy

food a priority. 


  • Weekly meal plans included

  • Professionally created easy recipes

  • Balanced meals

  • Quick to prepare 

  • Provide clients detailed calorie & macronutrient profiles for every recipe

  • Includes recipes for all eating types

  • e.g. high protein, dairy free, gluten free, low carb and vegetarian recipes

A variety for all eating types, promoting a healthy mix of protein, fats, carbs, with no counting calories or deprive food groups.  We are about eating balanced food groups, for energy, keep you full and your metabolism humming. 

Scan the barcodes, and your clients can instantly add the recipes per serving to their daily food log.

Purchase your Recipe Book PDF ebook -  

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(also Included with Uplift Members coaching programs



These recipe books are perfect, with lots of ideas if your not sure what to cook or eat to be healthy and fat loss.


But if you have struggles with binge eating, emotional eating, sugar cravings or anything else that is not helping you feel energised and happy, book a call, click below, as it's important to also check in regarding your mindset and food behaviour, thought's that may be concerning you, or not helpful habits

Salmon & cous cous
Protien Pancakes 

Plus you'll receive Bonus Free Snack and Smoothie Guides

Smoothies & Juices for Weightloss
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