Positively, Next Level, for Feeling Healthy, Fabulous, Simple, Easy For 
More Energy, Happy Women in their
40's & 50 plus


Hey lovely lady,  I want to help you feel good about you, because when a women feels good about herself, she will feel motivated to treat her self well, then weightloss becomes easy.
This program is for women that are; 
  • Still looking for a solution that brings results
  • Still wondering why they can't lose the weight,
  • Is wondering why she doesn't feel motivated
  • Feels tired and exhausted from giving all her energy to those she loves, but not her
  • Has tried way too many diets, shakes to count
  • Does not want to think about her weight anymore
  • Would love to wear her favourite clothes in her wardrobe again
This is what happens, when we focus doing what feels good, for our wellbeing, not focused on the mirror, size of our butt, or the scales 
  • Feel Motivated to take good care of you   
  • Moving your body daily 
  • Feel calm, clear and positive  
  • Finally holistic, sustainable weightloss   
  • Get more energy  
  • Self-attitude, selfcare and doing what serves you 
  • steps to follow, to feel good solution.                                                                                                                       Soul-led Weightloss is about good vibes only, no more B.S or silly rules. If it doesn't feel right for you then it's not the right approach.                                                    
And here's the real gold -
You will create a "self-attitude", queen health, next level, with actions and thoughts that feel good,
you won't be available for anything less.  
This gorgeous program is about helping you chunk it down, simple steps for energy, feeling good from the inside and out plus more.  
        1.  reduce overwhelm with selfcare and positivity 
       2.  Move your body daily and create daily healthy habits  
       3.  Eat well for energy and weightloss

       4.  Fully supported 4 x weeks live, online program, 1:1,                                      accountability and results, checkins, messaging, 

       I help you 1:1, with;  

  • solving struggles around food and behaviours, thoughts 

  • Plans for easy food and snacks daily steps and tasks

  • Simple exercise that is quick, effective, all you need 

  • How to get out of your head, positivity  

  • Selfcare that fits your life                                                                 



 You will have strategies for solving struggles, like comfort eating, binge eating, distracting yourself with snacking, sugar, wine, unhelpful habits that's aging you, adding on kg's, making you feel crap.

Cost $497 paypal or bsb

The difference is personal support in the program and ongoing help after program ends 

This is what you get in your 4 week program;

  • 1 x 60 min 1:1 private coaching call for actions 
  • weekly Live coaching in group, Q & A calls
  • Weekly Live workouts in whole shebang Live membership 
  • Cleanse Kit - supplement for nutrients, energy, 
  • 6 lessons, online course 
  • daily inspiration and motivation in FB Group
  • Healthy Recipe packs to keep
  • members portal -recipes, workout library, resources 
  • support and accountability, anytime messaging 

Surround your self with people that lift you higher - Oprah 

Fully supportive for changes you will love; 

Next Level and Optional Add-ons


1. Add on Uplevel to 8 week VIP Uplift You for 1:1 intensive support


2. Add On - Extra VIP 1:1 - health coaching 1:1 60min or 30 days included)

So if this sounds like it would help and what your looking for, lets chat first.