Positively, Next Level, for Feeling Healthy, Fabulous, Simple, Easy For 
More Energy, Happy Women in their
40's & 50 plus

So what does Soul-Lead Weightloss mean? 


1. You do what feels good, what helps you.  Good energy only, no negative stuff allowed. 


2. Better selftalk, behaviours, get out of your head.


3. No judging your or food as good or bad. No perfection, silly rules, and B.S, like falling off the wagon.


3. Use simple tasks to do that fit your day, to nurture no more fails, fears or needing to be in control. 

4. Less Stress, Less worry, more love, fun, joy and happiness, so you can worry less, about food, your body, your weight. 

Here's what you'll learn and I will help you 1:1, with;  

1. Where are you now - identify struggles, needs, wants 

2. New Action Plans - routines, daily tasks, checklists

3. What's been stopping you - tweak sabotage behaviours 

4. Energy - How to shift from low energy, vitality 

5. Mindset - braver, confident and get clear to allow changes     


Outcome - Energy, inside and out, joy, focus on what counts, and of course, lose the struggles, lose the weight.                                     

Hey lovely lady, welcome to getting your power back, vital and energised, feeling the best you've felt in a long time.


​It''s time to make you a priority again, no putting your health last. 


Stop distracting yourself with snacking, sugar, wine, unhelpful habits that's aging you, adding on kg's, making you feel crap.

It's time to love how you look and feel, no more hiding and hating your body in the mirror.  

Energised and mojo, not drained, because selfcare and rest as you deserve to.


Weightloss is a symptom of something bigger.  When you take care of yourself, it just happens, your body start's functioning like it should, burning fat, less overwhelm, balance.


Mindset and selfcare is all you really need, not more diets and going without or giving our self a hard time.   





  My 6 weeks coaching is a mix of real solutions, with 1:1 support, group coaching, Online tools, live sessions for changing your energy, body and mindset in 6 steps, plus all resources you need to see results quickly.

Cost $497 or  $2 x payments $250

The difference is support and mindset so you can continue to take care of you


What you get in your 6 week transformation;

  • 2 x 1:1 private coaching calls for support and actions 
  • 1 x 30 min 1:1 personal training session (online/1:1)
  • Herbal Supplements for boosting nutrients, energy, cleanse 
  • 6 steps modules, emails, weekly video lessons, worksheets 
  • FB Group community for live coaching
  • Meal plans & recipes books downloads
  • weekly video workouts, workout library 
  • anytime accountability and access with messages to me

Surround your self with people that lift you higher - Oprah 

Fully supportive for changes you will love; 

Next Level and Optional Add-ons


1. Add on or Uplevel to 12 week Vital Women from the 6 weeks for continued intensive support


2. Includes Uplift membership - 4 x workouts a week online live,  or add on - VIP PT 1:1 - live workouts training together (included in 12 week Vital women)


3. Hormonal Testing - Saliva Testing and Natropath consult to help diagnose hormone imbalances, report and prescribed herb supplements designed for womens vitality.  


So if this sounds like it would help and what your looking for, lets chat first.

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