Workshop Events

Are you wanting to do more for you?  

Get past overwhelm to get solutions to lose the weight, feel fit and get more energy to live a happy, uplifted life.   


We are helping busy women uplift for better health, better body, better mindset, better everything.  Making health easy and your health important again. It's ok to take better care of you.  


My Uplift (mini) Retreat Day workshops is about tackling the areas that are holding you back and learning strategy's to help move you forward.

We are creating solutions to help you become unstuck; 

  • Get past overwhelm for real actions

  • Getting fitter

  • Getting more energy

  • Losing the weight

  • Uplifting the mindset

  • Healthy Habits and Routines  

Feel supported by mind like women

with similar health goals. 
  “We are few, we know each other”

Our mini retreat day will help you focus on your health as a priority for results. Nature will inspire more calm and clarity. It needs to be easy.


So if you’ve tried everything, and still searching for the missing peices of the puzzle, try

support and coaching to get results long term with habits that stick.