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Hi busy lady, has it been along time since you've done something for you? 

I help women who want to make health a priority, to start their health journey.  I show you how to make healthy fit you, and make it easy so you can enjoy being more energetic, healthy for you each day. 


You can finally take care of you, feel healthy, losing weight (if thats a goal), be fit and strong, physically and mentally.  

My 4 week program will help you; 


              lose 3-5kg plus  

              Fix your energy

              eat better with no diets or falling off the wagon 

              Mindset tools for motivation to keep going

              like how you look and feel  

              Reduce overwhelm and stress


​We are going to use easy ways to transform their health and body, fitness using mindset and selfcare, reducing stress and not dieting or thrashing their bodies.  


And I know your tired, I've been there too (still am some days), it's not fun, it makes everything hard. 


See and feel results quickly, confident to ditch the negative B.S that keeps you repeating old patterns. 


I have been coaching fitness for 30 years, I'm 52 and I can tell you I've seen it all, heard it all, and it doesn't need to be hard.  I've coached hundreds of women who were struggling to do anything healthy for themselves, busy looking after everyone else, which in the long term is a really hard way to live and terrible way to look after you.


So what happens in our 4 steps?   

Note: in your own home, online, to keep and repeat it as many times as you like.



Hi I'm Leanne Vandeligt, your weightloss coach and personal trainer  to fully support you in getting the results you want

What you get in my wholistic approach;  

  • 1:1 Health Strategy Assessment call 

  • Weekly group live coaching, Q & A Facebook

  • Online 4 Step, (4 lessons course)  

  • Personal checkins and messaging with me the coach

  • Daily inspiration, weightloss and mindset coaching

  • Closed private facebook group for anytime access, questions  

  • Weekly easy meal recipes and plan 

  • weekly workouts to do at home

Fill out the online form to receive a free Healthy and Weightloss Breakthrough Session/Call, or to find out more 



Or you can just start, using the link below.  And I'll be in touch very soon to get you connected and ready to go.    Enroll Now  $260  (paypal/bsb) 




​Email me lvandeligt@gmail.com

if prefer BSB transfer 

You will be fully supported group coaching daily, weekly tasks, messaging, checkins, ebook, all you need included, flexible for busy women, in your own home, using phone/internet.  


And this is what Im hearing from clients who have been through my coaching program 

You told me to take a photo of my face, took this photo in Jan, now 10kg's gone! - Anthony 

Very happy. No fads or gymicks. You offered real advice that has helped me create a more healthy lifestyle for me and my family - Jade 

Making better food choices now and it doesnt have to be all or nothing,something is ok" -  Bronwyn