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Welcome to my Whole Woman 

6 week experience 

How to go from not feeling good enough,

to feeling awesome in 6 steps.


This program is to create your healthy foundations,

for giving you back the spark you have given away to help everyone else.


Being how you want to feel, plus empowered and in control for changes you want.

Body and Self Confidence

Eating for energy and enjoyment  

Reducing overwhelm for calm

Healthy routines and habits

Selfcare and Mindset shifts

Balance hormones and wellness

We are here to thrive, not just survive - Maya Angelou

* Kickstart Health Strategy Call 60 minute   

All about you, assessing and understanding where you are right now, with pre-questionaire, with recommendations, steps for instant change, real solutions to solve specific struggles, and in a kind and caring way help you ditch old patters, for a clear path to follow, good vibes only 

*6 x weekly group calls or add VIP 8 x 1:1 calls

1:1 coaching calls to work weekly together  


* Weekly Lessons for Transformation 

Online course 6 weekly steps for positive actions, video lessons and

workout videos, flexible to learn anytime.


*6 weeks Well Womens Members Hub   (value $75)      

Full access as private member, so you don't feel alone, you are connected

supported and guided, anytime messaging for accountability

weekly Q & A live.  Feel surrounded with mindlike women with similar struggles and growth.   

* Follow up messenger/audio coaching + 2 weeks  

* Add on Supplement Miss-Vitality Cleanse kit (value $169) 

delivered to your door 

  • Herbal Cleanse tea 

  • Elevate Greens Powder 

  • good oils capsules

  • Curcumin for inflammation 


  Investment upfront $777 or weekly -6  x $130


Or if your more of a VIP style lady, 1:1 - uplevel to 1:1 calls,

8 weeks $1497- or payment 8 x $1504

You will learn how to; 

* Love food again, trust your instincts not a diet, eat from love not fear


* Feel calm, feel peace of mind and mindfullness    

* Get more energy, tap into more from the inside out    

* Lower stress, reducing fatigue in our body

* Feel positive, next level self-talk to support,

   self-love and selfcare 

* 6 steps for daily health routines that suit our lifestyles 

*  Have harmony for balance, release struggles to release the weight 

* More kindness, connection, support, understanding, listen to your gut      instincts  


TIP #Weight gain is a symptom of a bigger picture, not the cause. 

And believe me it's all about mindset, mindset  is everything.


This program gives you personal support and mindset changes to take care of you


This system is simple, holistic and totally what you need to make changes for your next level

Cost $777 paypal/BSB or payment plan 6 x $130

Surround your self with people that lift you higher - Oprah 

6 Steps lessons online program will fully support you for changes you will love, I'll be guiding you through weekly; 

3 Pillars - 


1. Kickstart - week 1 & 2 

  • Know you - struggles, wants, dislikes, future you

  • The Daily Plan - foundations, daily health, nourish, healthy body

2. Energised  - week 3 & 4 

  • Mojo - Balance, givers and zappers, stress and overwhelm, Sexy

  • Lifestyle Detox - Toxic negatives, sabotage, mean girl, mindset shifts

3. Fill The Gaps - week 5 & 6 

  • Confidence - selflove, acheiving, positivity, superpowers

  • Soul-Led - instincts, trust, belief, connection, joy 

Week 7 & 8 - committing, maintenance, monitoring - messenger support

Add ons/Upgrades 


1. Uplevel to VIP calls packages available 

Plus Miss-Vitality Cleanse Kit delivered to your door.  Cost  $179 RRP


* Special blends of Greens and Reds powder designed to balance womens hormones, boost antioxidents, cleanse and detox reducing inflamation, boosting fibre to enhance weightloss, reduce bloating and lift energy.

* Good oils - blend of omega 3 oil capsules to enchance weightloss, good heart and brain health and balance diet.

* Cleanse tea - a calming blend of herbal tea's for calming the system and hormones to help with lowering stress in the body. 

3. Hormonal Testing - Saliva Testing Naturopath personal consult with my team, to help diagnose hormone imbalances, report and prescribed herb supplements designed for womens vitality.  


So if unsure if it's what your looking for book a call, lets chat about you before you decide.

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