What My Clients Say  


Leanne brings reassurance and knowledge in her role as a wellness coach. I felt totally at ease and enjoyed her warm and understanding manner. Leanne doesn't preach, but consults with suggestions as to what works best around your lifestyle and personal circumstances. I feel empowered as to how to deal with my emotional eating!    Shiv - single mum, working 5 days a week, fitting healthy in her day however it worked for her 


My name is Cheryl and I am a  45 year old mother of two children.

For exercise I have always relied on swimming but after having the children I felt my core muscles needed a lot of work and I also wanted to improve on my swimming ability.

 I started attending Leanne’s "Mum’s Fitness Classes" approximately 4 years ago. It was the first time for me to use a personal trainer and I have found the experience very rewarding. Leanne has always taken into consideration our fitness levels, abilities and motherhood commitments. Leanne is very understanding and easily adjusts the programs to suit our exercise abilities. 

I have found Leanne’s exercise classes to be flexible and full of variety therefore making each class something new and enjoyable to keep coming back to.

From my experience with Leanne I am happy to recommend her service.

(Cheryl started training with me when our children were little, 7 years later Cheryl still trained twice a week in my mums group classes, she is an awesome lady and more than a client).

For me, Leanne’s biggest asset is her empathy for those around her and her willingness to help, particularly mother’s, find the time to exercise.  Her studio is child friendly for one on one sessions as well as offering onsite babysitting for designated group sessions.  This has given me not only the motivation to get back into exercise and a healthy lifestyle but also the ability to manage my children in a safe and happy environment whilst I do so.  Not only do I train with Leanne, but so too does my husband and father.  

(Naomi very busy working mum of 3, Naomi trained through and after all pregnancy's, she was gutsy and a pleasure to train with her wonderful family)  

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